Community Involvement & Environmental Sustainability 

The Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club is committed to giving back to the Edmonton and area community.  Whether it be in the form of donations, volunteer hours, providing access to our facilities or leading the way in environmental sustainability; we are humbled at the opportunity. 

School Golf Teams 

In 2015, 2016 and again in 2017, the Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club will be home to the golf teams of the University of Alberta, MacEwan University and St. Francis Xavier High School. We are pleased to be able to offer our top level practice facilities and golf course (when available) to these teams to enhance their skills.  

St. Francis Xavier Coach Testimonial 

Involvement in the Community - Edmonton Food Bank 

The EPGCC understands the need to give back to our community in various ways.  The Edmonton Food Bank collects and donates food, free of charge, to people in need in the Edmonton community.  Each month, almost 20,000 people receive food hampers with 40% of those being under 18 years old.  The Food Bank works collaboratively with more than 230 agencies, churches and food depot areas in Edmonton.  

As we all know the holiday season can be a difficult one for those in need, so since 2015, the EPGCC has collected donations and volunteered time at the Edmonton Food Bank. In December 2015, the members of the EPGCC donated over 140kgs of food for Edmonton's Food Bank. In December 2016, the members of the EPGCC as well as various donations from Christmas events donated 128kgs of food, over $1700 in monetary donations and staff completed over 44 volunteer hours in the warehouse packaging food hampers to be distributed. In December 2017, the members of the EPGCC as well as various donations from Christmas events donated 460kgs of food, over $2100 in monetary donations and staff & members completed over 68 volunteer hours in the warehouse packaging food hampers to be distributed.  

Military Appreciation Day 

For the past 3 years, as approved by our Board of Directors, the Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club has hosted a military appreciation day in May. This day is to honour our dedicated men and women who serve in the military.  Through sponsorship, the military members are provided with a day of golf, food, prizes and camraderie.  


Environmental Sustainability 

2016 saw the construction of a new floating wildlife habitat in the ponds of four different holes. The platforms are designed to be self-sustaining, and once the base of plant material is established, only the ornamental plants will be removed from the platform and stored in our greenhouse for the winter.  These platforms are primarily used by water fowl, but were also visited by muskrats and a number of aquatic organisms.  

The Edmonton Petroleum Golf & Country Club is home to two different bee hives that provide a harvest each year.  Members enjoy the local, fresh honey. 

The homegrown EPGCC vegetable garden, located close to our greenhouse is harvested weekly and provides vegetables for the kitchen including tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, peas, beans, zucchinis, cucumbers, beets, rutabaga, onions, chards, spinach and herbs. 

2016 was our fourth season partnering with Inglis Environmental; a commercial organic waste collection service and were able to divert over 12,000 pounds of food scraps from the landfill.  With all the reasons to recycle food waste, including (1) reducing overall waste management costs with less pickups, (2) divert amounts from the landfill to reduce methane gas production, (3) produce compost which returns nutrients to the soil and (4) to promote your company as environmentally conscious, the EPGCC is extremely proud of our efforts.  

Our recycling program also continues in the Clubhouse and maintenance shop.  We focus on recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, cans and bottles, used oil, pesticide containers and food scraps. We plan to continue our effortsand ensure we are educating all our staff on the procedures and guidelines associated with our recycling program.