Q: Where is the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club?

A: It is just west of the Anthony Henday on 215 Street (Winterburn Road) and 9th Avenue SW. Please click HERE for directions to our course.

Q: How much does it cost to become a Member at the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club?

A: The price for an Equity Membership is negotiable between current member and purchaser. Because the shares are full equity, the price can vary. You can also purchase Treasury Shares from the club. Please click HERE for more information on treasury shares, or contact Kristen Veer, Membership & Marketing Coordinator at 780-470-0700 or epgcc@epgcc.ab.ca

Q: Does the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club have a minimum food & beverage charge?

A: Yes. It is $900.00. 

Q: How many Members does the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club have?

A: 350 shareholders; the smallest of all the private Clubs in Edmonton. 

Q: How does your tee-time booking system work?

A: Members can book 1 week in advance for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. They can book 2 weeks in advance for Monday - Thursdays.
Each day two tee times per hour remain available for 48 hour advance booking.

Q: What about guests?

A: Members are allowed up to 11 guests during non-prime times. During prime time (i.e. Fridays and weekends), members can bring up to 3 guests.

Q: How much are green fees for guests? (All charges subject to GST)

  Non Prime-Time Prime-Time
All charges subject to GST 18   18
Adults $100.00   $117.50

Q: How much are power carts?

A: 18 holes = $43.00 Cart packages in bundles of 40, 80 and 120 are available for purchase at a discounted price per cart.

Q: Are there any restrictions for my spouse and kids to play?

A: Spouse and family members have full access for most membership categories, some categories have restrictions. Contact Kristen Veer, Membership & Marketing Coordinator for further information. 

Q: What happens if I move and need to sell my membership?

A: You can sell your Equity Membership and retain 100% of the sale. There is a transfer fee of $3,000 + gst. At other private golf clubs in Edmonton, if you sell your membership, you retain as little as $500, but not at the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club. Our memberships are not shares, they are Equity Memberships owned by the Members. 

Q: How do I become an Associate Member?

A: There are a limited number of Associate Member positions available every year. Contact the club at (780) 470-0700 for more information. Associate members have the same golfing privileges and clubhouse access as Equity members except they cannot vote. Associates can play for three* seasons. (Third year option includes a deposit towards share purchase.)

Q: Do you have any reciprocal courses if I join?

A: Yes! We have many reciprocals! six in Alberta including 4 in the Calgary area, 6 in BC., one in Saskatchewan, one in Manitoba and one in Hawaii!! 


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